Our South Fork family of Baptist churches (South Fork Baptist Association - S. F. B. A. or SFBA) are partnering together to reach this area with the gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple new believers and minister to people in need. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

 ~ Keith Hollar, Associational Missionary

**Link to our Old Site for Slower Computers**

Choose a link at the top of page to learn more about our Association.  Scroll down to the bottom to learn more about our new website!

What Has Changed?

Our Web Service provider has graciously offered us a new space and new tools to update our website and make it a better resource for all of us.  Below is a list of the things we have changed or made available.

  • What has changed?

    • Better Calendar
    • Multiple platforms
    • Concise Information
    • And much more is on the way!
  • platforms

    With more individuals using smartphones and tablets we are joining in and making sure you can access our website many different ways. We hope this makes our website accessible and useful for you. 

  • More ways to see our information

    We hope that the navigation of our website will be simple and direct. We wanted you to find the information you sought in less than four clicks (on a computer or smart phone). We also wanted to make more content and resources available. If you have any suggestions for content, please tell us!

  • Coming Soon

    In the future we hope to provide:

    • Media (recordings and videos)
    • A SFBA members map showing the churches that SFBA services. 
    • Downloadable versions of our newsletter
    • A page containing all the forms we have at the office to reserve things, make reports, or submit data for our newsletters
  • Help us by submitting your photos!

    If you (or your church) would like to submit more photos or modify any information for your church, please send the new pictures or changes to this email: sfba@southforkbaptist.net