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south fork baptist association


Our South Fork family of Baptist churches (South Fork Baptist Association
 - S. F. B. A. or SFBA Missions Center) are partnering together to reach this area with the gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple new believers and minister to people in need. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
      By the way, if you call us on the phone and we answer "SFBA Mission Center" you've still reached the correct phone number and location! We are adding this identifier to our business's office name so that others can see we are also involved with missions."
   If you scroll down, you can see our schedule of events

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  • Closings or reschedulings

  • Attention please:

    Our  Email Updates are sent out every Friday. If you did not receive this as a pastor of a member church, contact us by phone or

    email by clicking here


    Our mailing address or physical address are found on the contact page


    Wanted: Large Men's shoe-boxes or Boot-size boxes. If you can drop them off at the Associational office, that would be great. If you need help to get them do us, please contact Faith at 704-735-1642


    Attention Churches: BACKGROUND CHECKS are available Through Lifeway.com for $10 and up.


    "Experiencing God" If anyone is still doing this Bible Study, please let Faith at the Associational Office know, she has someone who is interested.


    We need your pictures! Do you have pictures or movies from your church events and missional activities? Please share them with us before September 30 to be included in the annual meeting.  Email:  


       For Event Descriptions, keep scrolling down

  • REGIONAL fellowship for ministers

    Almost every month, SFBA has a gathering for ministers and retired ministers; a time of fellowship and renewal, prayer and spirit-filled nourishment. To learn more, visit our Calendar to see where the next one will be held.

    Minister's Breakfast

    A Minister’s Fellowship Breakfast every Thursday morning at Home Place Restaurant in Lincolnton at 8 am.  All ministers welcome! 

    October 25th - Iron Men (Bivocational Pastors) Meeting - Tuesday October 25th at 7pm in the SFBA Missions Center

  • Regional conferences and upcoming training

    "The Ministry of the Deacon"  November 5th from 9 am to noon, training at SFBA MC for all Deacons. Scroll down to November for more information

    Region 8 Men's Worship Rally - November 28th at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Cherryville. Scroll down to November for more information.

  • Young Adult fellowship


    For more information please contact Chance Melton  ( 980-429-3889) or Christopher Henderson (704-476-6223)


    "8 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." [Psalm 32:8 KJV]


  • Want to learn more about a recent mission trip?

    Visit our Missions Past Event News to find out more about past missions. 


    We have an employment section for Pastors seeking to work in area churches. Please visit our Employment page

  • Churches  seeking pastor supply

    SFBA has a list of curent supply pastors for churches. This list has pulpit supply, interim, and a guest speaker list that a church may request. Please call us (704-735-1642) or email us (sfba@southforkbaptist.net) to receive this information.

  • free resources for churches

    Please feel free to reserve these titles from us:  "Sunday School Done Right",  "Spiritual Warfare",  "Praying to make a difference",  "A Biblical Marriage - A Broken World", "Making the Most of a Marriage" and many more titles. They are displayed in our meeting area downstairs. Feel free to stop by and take a look!

  • For Sale

    1. Oak Grove Baptist is selling a bus. Asking $1200 or best offer. Call Joe Staley 704-477-4113
  • Would you like to contribute?

    Are you pretty handy with a camera? Do you often visit other member churches and take pictures of events there?  Are you willing to share?  Please email these pictures to sfba@southforkbaptist.net

    S C R O L L   D O W N    F O R  

      E V E N T    D E S C R I P T I O N S



    Sunday, OCT 23

    1. LAST DAY to RSVP to Third Annual Wives in Ministry Fellowship

    Monday, OCT 24

    Tuesday, OCT 25

    Wednesday, Oct 26

    Thursday, Oct 27

    1. 8AM Minister’s Fellowship Breakfast every Thursday morning at Home Place Restaurant in Lincolnton at 8 am. All ministers welcome!

    Friday, October 28

    • Last day to RSVP for Association Wide Deacon Training event which will take place on November 5th

    Saturday, October 29

  • October 30- 31

    Sunday, October 30th

    Monday, October 31


  • november 5th                                                        Association Wide Deacon Training Event

    "Ministry of the Deacon" led by Dr Keith Dixon Saturday, November 5th from 9am to 2pm @ the SFBA Mission Center. The cost is $10 per person which includes handouts and a steak lunch.  Please RSVP by Friday October 28th by calling 704-735-1642.

  • November  5th                                               THIRD ANNUAL WIVES IN MINISTRY FELLOWSHIP     

    THIRD ANNUAL WIVES IN MINISTRY FELLOWSHIP (and lunch) will be at Meadow Ridge Baptist Church starting at 10am on November 5th.  RSVP by Oct 23rd to Kathy Roten 828.320.3699 or email her at jngrandmaw@bellsouth.net

  • November  28th                                      North carolina baptist men's worship rally

    North Carolina Baptist Men's Worship Rally will take place on November 28th at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Cherryville. Cost will be $5 per person (helps to pay for meal). Registration is due by Wednesday, November 23rd. Go to www.baptistonmission.org for a promotional flyer, online registration, and a googlemaps link of directions to the church. Come join us for an evening of Fellowship that will include music, a spiritual challenge, discussions, and prayer. This gathering is designed to provide a time of meaningful worship for men, as well as a model of how similar men's meetings can be held in the local church. Every man and his pastor is invited and encouraged to attend! Contact NC Baptist Men at 1800-395-5102 x 5607 or write mabernathy@ncbaptist.org

  • November 30th                                                                     Salem baptist revival in november

    Salem Baptist will be having a revival starting on Sunday November 27th through Wednesday, November 30th. Sunday starts at 6pm. Monday through Wednesday, the services will start at 7pm

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