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Website help for sfba employees

Our website is managed by a third party named Clover Sites. If you need help, you can call them directly at 805-527-8900. They are available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5pm Pacific, which is 11 am to 8 pm Eastern time. When you contact them you need to offer the following information: "I work for South Fork Baptist Association in Lincolnton NC. This account is under the name of my boss. Keith Hollar." You may need to provide the physical address and work phone number for verification. As of now (June 2016) your internet service is provided by Charter Business.  

Editing note: These instructions are a combination of the company's (Clover) and Christine Vintinner's instructions. The instructions will switch from first person (I, you, him, her, he, she) to We. When the instructions are from Christine, they will be italicized.

SECTION ONE: EASY MODE The design is supposed to be "point and click" where an individual is supposed to be able to choose things and point and drag-drop them into the file area. )   Easy and Advanced editing modes give both total beginners and savvy users the right level of control.  Easy Mode was designed to make building a website super simple. You don't need to know design theory or any kind of coding to work within Easy Mode. You can effortlessly add, remove, or reorder pages with a click of a button. Working within Easy Mode will allow for you to edit by page rather than by section. Easy Mode was designed to make building a website super simple. You don't need to know design theory or any kind of coding to work within Easy Mode. 

Pictures are available for you to click on and learn more about the topic.  Click the picture next to the instructions and wait for it to load on a new page. You will not lose your place in your training. Look for the Tab that says South Fork Baptist Website Help for SFBA Employees. (or choose the window tab at the top left)

  • Easy Mode -  Log in and choose website screen

    First go to https://accounts.cloversites.com/login

    Second: Enter your user name and password.

    Third: Verify that your nickname or Keith Hollar's name is in the greeting.

    Fourth: Click on Edit your Site button

    Finally, you are ready to edit your website.  


    1. If you are a new user, start in Easy Mode. If you are familiar with website building, start in Advanced mode. (Advanced Mode is discussed in a different section).
  • Where do you switch the web from easy to advanced mode and back again?

    The switch is located under the word "Greenhouse" in the top upper left area. Easy mode is when the slider appears on the left and the "background" of the button is light blue. Advanced mode is when the slider appears on the right and the "background" is red.


    These are the buttons on the top left of your screen after you have signed into Greenhouse with your credentials (name and password). The buttons will change if you switch to advanced mode. To see the entire picture, click on the picture. 

  • easy mode  choosing the colors of your webpage

    Color Palettes

    Our custom color palettes are precisely tuned to each site design so everything looks amazing together. You can use one of our preset color palettes or can choose custom color options to work within that palette.

    As you are testing the different color palettes, you might see an example to the right of what this new template will affect your website. Choose the best palette so that words are easy to read and will also work on smartphones and other devices. Most often, Pastor Hollar wishes to choose the look and colors... run all changes by him until he is comfortable with your expertise.

  • EASY MODE ADDING A PAGE  ( Button: +Add A Page)

    Adding pages is the way that you build your website. The first website you create will most likely be your "welcome" page or greeting page. After that you can create any other pages that are necessary. Follow the instructions on the webpage to Add a Page. You will use your mouse to drag and drop "pages" in the correct order.  If you mess up, do not worry, you can move pages around as much as you need to. If you delete a page by accident, then it is gone forever. So do not drag a "page" to the trash can unless you really do not want it.

  • eASY MODE Removing a page (bUTTON: - remove A PAGE)

    If you need to delete a page, click on the Remove page button. Click and drag the "page" to the blue trashcan. Once you do this action and click the green Save button in the bottom right, your page will be permanently deleted.

  • easy mode changing page order

    You can easily rearrange the order of pages on your site and how they appear in the navigation.

    Step 1 - Click the Reorder Pages button (Easy Mode)

    Step 2 - Drag the page to the new location on your menu

    Keep in Mind: Main pages are displayed in bold text and sub pages sit indented in thinner text.

  • Easy Mode Landing Page

    I think of Landing pages as the landings on flights of stairs. Its a physical location to point out other features of the website that relate to what is on the landing page. So for example the landing page named Welcome explains what the website is about and where to go for more information. For example, The Member's Calendar landing page displays the SFBA events calendar (from Google) and provides links to Event's Descriptions and Results of past events.  You do not need landing pages but it helps the viewer to navigate your website successfully.

  • easy mode - choosing the font type

    All of our new site designs come with unique font palettes that our design team created to help you easily customize the look and feel of your website with just a couple clicks. You can instantly see how each one will look on the page and, when you save it, the change will automatically update all text across your entire website.

    I choose fonts that are easy to read in any color and over any background.Try to imagine an older person viewing the font. Would they be able to read it comfortably?  Would they be able to read it without reading glasses? I would not make any text larger than 25 point font because that will look funny on a smartphone.

  • Publishing your changes

    The publish button is found in the top right of the screen. When you press the publish button, it saves all changes and puts the newly modified changes onto the Internet for everyone to see.  Even if you forget to click the publish button at the end of your work day, it will keep all your changes for the following day automatically.

    The Publish button gives you the ability to publish content to your live site so viewers can see your changes.

    If there are things you'd like to add to your site, but you'd like to wait for your viewers to see them, simply add the content, click Finished or Save to keep those changes in the Greenhouse. Then, when you're ready for your viewers to see your work, click the Publish button and it will immediately be viewable on your live website!

  • Revert to last saved edition

    Did you make a mistake or think you deleted a large section of text?  You can back out of the webpage editor and go to an area on Clover Sites that will permit you to revert to the most recent saved copy of the website. This is why its a good idea to save, or publish your website at least once while you are working on changes for the website.  Before you click revert to saved copy, make sure no one else is editing a separate webpage.  If you revert to a saved copy before the person has a chance to save his/her new changes, they will lose everything they had been working.

    You can find the Revert button by going to your Dashboard, clicking Activity, and then choosing Revert Changes.

    Clicking the Revert button removes everything since the last time you pressed Publish. It's definitely a button to be careful with!

    For those of you working with a team or a group, we might suggest having them individually delete items they'd like to remove, rather than using the Revert button. This will eliminate the chance of accidentally deleting another editor's work if you have multiple people editing the website.

  • easy mode successful save  and publish

    When you have been successful with saving and uploading your content, you will see that your viewer goes a bit grey and this window pops up. This is good! To remove the window click anywhere on the screen to continue editing.

  • easy mode logging off

    You do not need to log off of your website editor unless you are using a public computer or WiFi system (at a library, at Starbucks, or any shared WiFi).  To log out click the words and arrow to go Back to Dashboard. From there you will see Sign Out. Click this and then click the X in the top right of your window to close the browser. 

    Hint:  If you stay logged in, you can make changes more quickly.

Advanced mode

Advanced mode is for those who are familiar with website design, website coding, or someone who wishes to modify the templates provided by Clover Sites. One can switch from Easy to Advanced Mode as many times as needed to make changes. 

I recommend reading the following help files from Clover Sites:

Site Design Overview (http://help.cloversites.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2020444-site-design-overview)

Site Design Tips and Tricks (http://help.cloversites.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1932318-site-design-tips-tricks)

  • What changes in advanced mode?

    What stays the same:

    1. The logging in method described in the Easy section is the same.
    2. The log out method described in the Easy section is the same
    3. Publishing Changes is the same.
    4. Creating, Naming, Rearranging, and Deleting pages are the same.
    5. Creating Landing Pages is the same
    6. Reverting to last saved version of the webpage is the same
      What changes:
    1. The Advanced Editor gives more options for creativity with each webpage. 
    2. More buttons to add different features
    3. Hidden pages (pages only employees can see)
    4. Adding or Rearranging Sections on each webpage
    5. Adding background images and choosing the translucence, brightness, and function of each background image.
    6. Adding Metadata
    7. Access to Font modification tools
    8. Access to Line modification tools (how tall or wide the font appears)
    9. Ability to create and modify website links within the body of the webpage or for pictures
    10. Edit or create new coding for each page

  • Advanced Mode Adding sections

    Now you can have different types of content on any page of your website and even add unlimited sections to any page. You can also quickly re-arrange sections by just dragging and dropping. With this incredible new way of editing, we've kept things simple, while giving you complete freedom to create and customize everything. Section-based editing allows for content to scale and grow as much, or as little, as you want and the overall design of your website won’t be affected.

    Below From Content Overview

    The website you make with Clover will have multiple pages, and each page can have multiple sections. We'll refer to this as "section-based pages". Any page you add to your website can have as many different sections on it as you want. So, let’s say you chose a text page with 2 distinct text and photo sections on it. In Advanced Mode, you’re able to add more sections of any type - more text and photo sections, or gallery sections, list sections, etc. Depending on how you want to design your site, it might make sense to have a dozen different sections on each page. 

    One of the main reasons for creating our websites in this manner has to do with mobile browsing. 9 times out of 10, a visitor to your website would much rather scroll down a page to consume your content rather than navigating between pages. The clear advantage of having section-based pages is that you’re able to put much more content on one page, allowing your visitors to not have to dig around to learn more about your organization. 

    My Hints

    You can add, remove, and change the order of the sections.  Use the ADD button in the top right corner to create a new section. Then you can drag the section to the top of the page with your mouse if you wish to move it.

    If you need to put in long lists of content, break it up into sections of four to five items at a time. This will enable you to more easily edit the lists and/or to remove content that no longer is valid.

  • advanced mode  webpage design settings

    The Design Settings button within your Greenhouse is an important area to be familiar with. There are three sections within this area that you can edit: Browser Title, Custom Head Code, and Browser Icon (Favicon). 

    For help with these settings, go to Help: Design Settings

  • Advanced Mode Adding a Logo (Advanced picture editing required)

    Click here Adding a Logo (http://help.cloversites.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2006871-adding-a-logo)

  • Advanced Mode choosing colors for website

    Pastor Hollar likes to change the look of the website at least every three months.  One easy way to do this is to change the colors of fonts and other features of the website. In Easy Mode you can choose a Template to accomplish this change. However, if you want to use custom colors I recommend doing a little bit of research on the idea before attempting, if you have never built a webpage before. 

    In the picture for this section I show the hexadecimal values otherwise known as "hex" for each color. This is a six character alpha-numeric designation for that color that all web browsers decode into the colors that you see on the pages. 

    • Color 1 on the color wheel typically correlates with your site's main background color
    • Colors 2-4 on the color wheel affect your section colors
    • Color 5 typically correlates with text color
    • Color 6 typically correlates with link color

    Don't know which colors to pick? Check out the following websites:

    Choosing Colors by Clover Sites


    Users Favorite Colors  (http://www.color-hex.com/)

    Popular Color Palettes (http://www.color-hex.com/color-palettes/popular.php)

    I would use Popular Color Palettes to choose the color mix one likes and getting the hexadecimal values to put into your color wheel. It will take a little bit of time to learn which colors work best together.