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How to use this website

Our website is set up so that you can get information you need quickly.  At the top of the page are the major links that describe our organization and provide ways for local churches to keep updated concerning SFBA Mission Center and fellow church activities. Under the major links you will see another row of links that are related to the major link above that.  

Our main website has many graphics, but the text version does not.

For more help on how to use our website to stay informed, you may contact us by email at sfba@southforkbaptist.net or call us at  (704) - 735 - 1642.

New Layout for Website

You will notice much more information on each webpage as we plan to minimize the number of pages. Just remember to scroll down to see everything on each page!  (Use up and down arrow or the round scrolling button on your mouse to reach the bottom of the page. On windows machines you can also hit the space bar to move from the top of a page to the bottom of a page!)

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