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Volunteers Needed

These requests come to us from a variety of sources. Sometimes individuals call us and other times we receive calls from Social Services, Churches, or Missions asking for help.  This will be listed as they come in, the oldest requests will be at the bottom. The newest requests will be at the top. To verify that these are still active requests, please verify with the contact listed in each section.


    You are Invited To Go On The

            NOAH'S ARK ENCOUNTER & 


                 Williamstown, Kentucky  

                May 20-23, 2019 - COST $529 PP

                 (Cost Based On Double Occupancy) 

                   Payment Deadline is March 15,2019

                                                          SIGN UP NOW - SPOTS VERY LIMITED - 1st COME 1st SERVED                                        

                *Please add $20 For Gratuities and Other Incidentials


    Click here to find out more about this adventure!

  • meals at calvary Hispanic- saturdays

    Help is still needed preparing meals for the workers at Calvary Hispanic on Saturdays. If you can help, please call Patsy Warlick at (704)276-1247.  

  • Please help calvary hispanic

    During the winter hours they will begin work at 10 AM on Saturdays.  Thanks for all the prayers and hard work!  They passed the first inspection and will begin on the next step this Saturday.  If anyone knows of an Insulator that would be willing to come look at the work that needs to be done, please call Lamar Lewis at (704)472-0727.  Thanks!     Please call Lamar Lewis if you have any questions (704)472-0727.  Lately, they have had fewer workers, perhaps due to the summer activities and vacations.  Thanks!


    See how to help by clicking on picture to the left.

  • other events we need help with


    *The United Church Directories Company has agreed to partner with us (South Fork Baptist Association) by returning $2 per portrait package sold to photographed families in our churches.  This will provide funds that we could use for all types of missions opportunities.  They are also going to photograph all our pastors free and create an AP for us to access their pictures and contact information.  I hope you will consider using them with your next pictorial directory.  They offer all the state-of-the-art publicity tools to improve your website and social media presence, too.  My prayer is that this partnership will be a “win-win” scenario for all of us.  Please feel free to contact Faith or me with any thoughts or questions. 



    If you have never been to the soup kitchen, I urge you to drop by and have lunch. Tracy and the volunteers make it such a wonderful experience for everyone that comes! They take the time to make everyone feel comfortable, letting everyone know that they are cared for. In July, 3392 meals were served.

    Mimi, our LINC Home Delivered Meals coordinator, has been very busy this past month. She has had numerous holes in her packing schedule along with multiple requests for meals. This keeps her on the road, packing, training volunteers to pack and completing home visits.  In July, 1,533 meals were delivered to the shut-in’s in our community. This is a wonderful ministry that reaches out to people who need a balanced meal and also to know that someone cares for them. I urge anyone that has a free hour, from 11:30a to 12:30p, just one time a month, to really consider volunteering for LINC. 



baptist missions opportunities nationwide



Thank you for your participation in Partnership Missions through NC Baptists on Mission. Your efforts are making a Kingdom difference! Initial lists of national projects have been received for 2019. More requests will follow, but this “first wave” of requests includes some really good projects for VBS, Backyard Bible Club, Servant Evangelism, Construction, and more!. Many of these requests will not last long, so I encourage you to consider reserving a project early. Start by viewing and/or downloading the .pdf list of projects on each partnership webpage. Open the list up to check out the possibilities. Once you have identified a project you are interested in, contact our office to get contact information for the requestor. We will encourage you to talk with the requestor, ask all questions, and – if you both feel it is a good fit – calendar dates. Once you have talked with the requestor, let us know whether or not you will take the project.  


IMPORTANT: If you are already planning to return to one of our Partnership areas next year, please let us know the details. This is critical in evaluating how effective our Partnership efforts are. Thanks for helping us with this! 


APPALACHIAN COALFIELDS: The purpose of the Appalachian Coalfields Ministry is to minister both physically and spiritually to people in some of the poorest areas of our nation. The ministry will covers the states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Projects may include week-long service in sports, children, evangelism, music, and/or construction ministries, etc. Mission opportunities may also include the collection, delivery, and distribution of needed items such as food, school supplies, baby care items, clothing, and other, which can be done in the course of a few days or over a weekend. To see a list of projects, visit our website at: http://baptistsonmission.org/Missions/United-States/Appalachian-Coalfields  


PENNSYLVANIA: The need for sharing Christ and furthering His Kingdom in Pennsylvania is great. Our teams serve alongside faithful church planters and pastors in rural, small town, and large urban settings. There is great excitement for what NC Baptist teams are contributing to the effort to reach people for Christ! Many good requests have already come in from Pennsylvania, including those for VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, Community Surveys, Servant Evangelism, Sports Camps, and/or Construction. These projects will not last long!  To see a list of specific requests visit our website at: http://baptistsonmission.org/Missions/United-States/Pennsylvania  


NEW ENGLAND: The New England region has long been recognized as the most unchurched area in our nation. Despite that unwanted title, God is at work there and North Carolina Baptists are playing a part. Church membership is up, baptisms are up, and missions participation is up! In 2019 we will need teams to conduct music outreach, sports camps and clinics, prayer walking, block parties, VBS and backyard bible clubs, construction, and more. The majority of our projects take place in Vermont.  Please pray about your church's participation in these two meaningful partnerships. To see a list of specific requests, visit our website at: http://baptistsonmission.org/Missions/United-States/New-England   

Check out the unique opportunity to participate in church planting efforts in Maine: https://baptistsonmission.org/Mission-Projects/United-States/New-England/Maine  And a need for renovation teams in Massachusetts: https://baptistsonmission.org/Mission-Projects/United-States/New-England/Massachusetts  


Check out this video, which highlights the ministry opportunity for teams in Maine: https://youtu.be/XjWTb3R98bE  


ROCKY MOUNTAIN: In 2019, NC Baptist Men will once again send teams to serve at the Inlow Baptist Camp in New Mexico and the Mountaintop Baptist Assembly in Wyoming. Cook teams of 8-12 are needed throughout the summer. Our NC mission teams provide a critically needed service to these camps, which reach so many young people for Christ each summer. To see a list of projects, visit our website at:  http://baptistsonmission.org/Missions/United-States/Rocky-Mountain  

We will also need 10-12 teams to assist in the construction of a multi-purpose facility for the Boyd Avenue Baptist Church in Casper, Wyoming.  


ALAKSA: That’s right, we are once again sending teams to the “Last Frontier”! Alaska is alive with adventure - rough, rugged, and beautiful. The state is populated by hardy, independent folk. The majority of Alaskan Baptist congregations are small in number. Many are located in isolated areas. Things we take for granted in our churches are simply not available to many of theirs. Our participation in missions in Alaska provides needed resources, leadership, and possibly most importantly, - encouragement. Check out several construction opportunities, Vacation Bible School requests, and the need for a sports clinic team. These will go fast, so check them out: https://baptistsonmission.org/Mission-Projects/United-States/Alaska  


Check out this video “teaser” for the renewed Partnership with Alaska: https://youtu.be/FKU_jorcixI  


HAWAII: In 2019, teams and couples will once again serve at the beautiful Puu Kahea Baptist Conference Center on the island of Oahu. Teams will complete any number of maintenance, cleanup, or construction projects the week they are there. Couples will serve as camp volunteers, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, landscaping, lawn care, etc. Couples doing this will need to commit to at least one month. This is challenging, but rewarding service! To see a list of projects, visit our website at: 



It would be my pleasure to work with you in securing one of these great ministry opportunities for your church or associational team for 2019. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an e-mail.  



Mark Abernathy

Consultant for Partnership Missions

NC Baptist Men/Baptists on Mission

Auxiliary to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina




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