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Volunteers Needed

These requests come to us from a variety of sources. Sometimes individuals call us and other times we receive calls from Social Services, Churches, or Missions asking for help.  This will be listed as they come in, the oldest requests will be at the bottom. The newest requests will be at the top. To verify that these are still active requests, please verify with the contact listed in each section.


    Long Term Response- This disaster is so big that it will require a long term rebuild response to help get many people back in their homes. We are planning on setting up three different rebuild center sites where we can house and feed many volunteers who will be working on homes.  We plan to manage the rebuilding of homes from these “rebuilding hubs”. This will be a long term response that may take 2-3 years and require thousands of volunteers to help get many people back in their homes. 


    Please go to our website for more information or to sign up to go or to give. https://baptistsonmission.org/Mission-Projects/By-Mission-Type/Disaster-Relief/Hurricane-Florence


    Thank you for Praying, Giving and Going! 


    For daily Florence updates, stories and pictures go to our Facebook page and like it. 



  • Please help calvary hispanic

    Please remember that the work at Calvary Hispanic is still going on Saturdays beginning at 7 am.  They really could use some help if you can go out and help them this week.  Please call Lamar Lewis if you have any questions (704)472-0727.  Lately, they have had fewer workers, perhaps due to the summer activities and vacations.  Thanks!


    These are the other holiday’s we need coverage for our soup kitchen

    Labor Day, September 3

    November 11th & Veterans Day November 12th

    Thanksgiving November 22 & 23


    If interested, call Mitzi at 704-732-0383.

    "As we continue to work out the kinks in our new emergency services software, we continue to help people in our community.  In the month of July, 720 households that represented 1832 individuals received food to take home, 49 households were helped with utilities, 53 individuals were helped with medicines, 198 individuals were helped with clothing and 74 homes were helped with furniture and household items.  Each number represents a person or family that needed help and because of the wonderful support of our churches and community, some of their burdens were lifted.

    If you have never been to the soup kitchen, I urge you to drop by and have lunch. Tracy and the volunteers make it such a wonderful experience for everyone that comes! They take the time to make everyone feel comfortable, letting everyone know that they are cared for. In July, 3392 meals were served.

    Mimi, our LINC Home Delivered Meals coordinator, has been very busy this past month. She has had numerous holes in her packing schedule along with multiple requests for meals. This keeps her on the road, packing, training volunteers to pack and completing home visits.  In July, 1,533 meals were delivered to the shut-in’s in our community. This is a wonderful ministry that reaches out to people who need a balanced meal and also to know that someone cares for them. I urge anyone that has a free hour, from 11:30a to 12:30p, just one time a month, to really consider volunteering for LINC. 

    From our GOLF TOURNAMENT (August 18) to the ICE CREAM SOCIAL (August 26) to our AMAZING RACE AGAINST HUNGER (October 21)… all the information can be found at…



  • other events we need help with

    *Please be aware that the Missions Center is a drop-off location for any gently used coats and jackets for our New York Mission.  As you clean out your closets for spring cleaning –please consider donating to this mission.  Also, be on the lookout for gently used coats in the upcoming yard sales and thrift shop sales.  We have shoeboxes with a list inside at our office—They can easily be filled for $10 each.  Can you fill some of them for our NY Mission?  Thanks!***


    *The United Church Directories Company has agreed to partner with us (South Fork Baptist Association) by returning $2 per portrait package sold to photographed families in our churches.  This will provide funds that we could use for all types of missions opportunities.  They are also going to photograph all our pastors free and create an AP for us to access their pictures and contact information.  I hope you will consider using them with your next pictorial directory.  They offer all the state-of-the-art publicity tools to improve your website and social media presence, too.  My prayer is that this partnership will be a “win-win” scenario for all of us.  Please feel free to contact Faith or me with any thoughts or questions. 


    *Coalwood Community Meal-Mission Opportunity---Contact Jane Crouse to choose your month and menu and plan delivery (Cell) 704 473-1503 or (Email)  janecrouse@gmail.com Subject COALWOOD MEALS


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