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       Each red square represents a church that is a member of South Fork Baptist Association.  

  1. The tear-drop shape represents a nearby city. 
  2. Diamond shaped icon represents a church that is a new member or they are currently under "watch-care".
  3. The colored areas indicate which counties we have churches in: Lincoln, Gaston, Cleveland, and Catawba.  
  4. This map can be used to calculate distances between churches, to give or get directions to a specific church, and/or to seek out an area where a church might be planted. 

How do I make the map larger?

If you click in the top right of the small window, a larger version of the map will load. 

I want to change what I see in this map, how do I do it?

Next to the SFBA title with a star on it, there is a window with an arrow. If you click this icon, you are able to turn different layers of the map on or off.  If you scroll down in this new window, there is a tiny square that is green. If you click on that button, you will see a satellite image of the map. 

The map symbols are too small, how do I increase the size of these symbols?

To zoom in there is a small gray button on the map with a + (plus sign) that you can click to make the streets and place names show up on the map. You can also double left click with your mouse to zoom in. (This also opens the layers window)

I am done with this map, how do I make it go away?

To close the map, find the X in the top right of your map window and left-click it.