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What Has Changed?

  • Recent  WEBSITE Changes

    • Feb 7, 14, 22, 24, 28 Updated themes, calendar, new ads, removed old ads.
    • Jan 28, 29, 31-Feb 1 Updated theme, calendar, removed old ads.
    • Jan 3-4: removed old information, changed to January theme, update calendar.
    • Dec 4-6 changed to Christmas theme. Removed old information. Updated text website. Update calendar.
    • Nov 1, 15 changed theme to Nov theme. Removed old information. Added Brotherhood Mutual ads. Created Dec theme.
    • Oct 24 removed old data. Added new job (Lawings Chapel).
    • Sept 28 Updated Missions, Calendar, Event descriptions, removed old material.
    • Sept 27 Updated Jobs, corrected times for Oct events, Oct Theme,
    • Sept 8 Updated jobs, added meta and tag data, removed old data, updated/corrected events.
    • Sept 1 Consolidated pages, changed theme. Updating links.
    • August 16 updated Events
    • August 12 removing dead links, updating data. 
    • August 7 updating calendar, removing old data, removing dead links.
    • August 1 updated pictures, removed old data, added August and September descriptions in Event Details. 
    • July 24 updated events, added event advertisements, updated photos.
    • July 8, updated calendar, updated events, cleaned up old news, updated photos.
    • June 30 added more VBS information, added new events, added help page for West Virginia.
    • June 20, 2016 Added VBS information, updated jobs list, updated ongoing missions, updated SFBA Google Map, updated Welcome page
    • June 3, Updated Calendar area, Members area, and about area. Added "Past Events", Updated all pages including text website.
    • May 31 - updated calendar information, updated graphics theme
    • May 16 2016  - updated information on all pages. Removed dead links. Updated graphics theme.
    • April 22, 2016 - Updated photos, Added site  map link at bottom of pages, Added large picture links to main pages.
    • March 29, 2016 Updates to Calendar, to "Help our Intern", Volunteers Needed, and Ongoing Missions.  Added Media page with Peru video (In member section)
    • March 21, 2016 Updated Employment page
    • 3/11/2016 SFBA Update, Announced Closings, Announcements. Added "Ongoing Mission's Page". Also added
    • 2/25/2016 Moved What has Changed? to separate webpage. Created icon for page tabs. Updated information.
    • 2/12/2016 Added Event Descriptions ( Link at the top of Calendar page)
    • 1/12/2016 Better Calendar, Multiple platforms
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