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Volunteers Needed

These requests come to us from a variety of sources. Sometimes individuals call us and other times we receive calls from Social Services, Churches, or Missions asking for help.  This will be listed as they come in, the oldest requests will be at the bottom. The newest requests will be at the top. To verify that these are still active requests, please verify with the contact listed in each section.

  • News from NCBM and Baptists on Mission

    1.    NCBM/Baptists on Mission has a Vision Team going to Armenia on Feb 26 through March 6th. If any church leaders would like to join them, please contact Paul Langston at his office 800-395-5102 ext 5611 or email him at plangston@ncbaptist.org   
    2. NCBM/Baptists on Mission will be conducting Operation Inasmuch Information sessions and training for Operation Inasmuch in each region from January 27-March 3. These will be from 9am to Noon on Saturdays. Churches new to OIAM can learn more about the processes and those experienced in OIAM can share valuable experiences and network with nearby participating churches. Registration is at: http://baptistsonmission.org/Missions/North-Carolina/Operation-Inasmuch  
    3. NCBM/BOM will be helping to rebuild NC homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. There are worksites in Windsor, Goldsboro, Pender County, and Lumberton. The Lumberton site has about 100 homes that have not even started the rehabilitation. Several homes at each site are very close to completion. So if help comes, some families can move back home. Registration is at Registration is at: http://baptistsonmission.org/Missions/By-Type/Disaster-Relief/Hurricane-Matthew    
    --   In His service,    Paul Langston  Mission Mobilization Consultant  North Carolina Baptist Men/ Baptists on Mission  919-459-5611(office), 800-395-5102 ext. 5611 (toll free), or 919-604-4778 (mobile)  email: plangston@ncbaptist.org  website: baptistsonmission.org

    **Calvary Hispanic needs your help...From now until they are able to get into their new church building—they will be hard at work every Saturday on the needed renovations.  For the next two Saturdays (July 29th and August 5th beginning at 8 AM) (they especially need as much help as they can get.  They will be busting up the roof over the Sunday School Room section (It is similar to asphalt) and putting it in a dumpster to prepare the way for the new roof.  If they get enough help this Saturday they could possibly get all the old roof material removed and hopefully be ready to begin the new roof by next Saturday (weather permitting).   We only have a few tools on the Disaster Trailer, so if you can come help and you have any—please bring picks, mattocks or axes to bust up the asphalt.  Also, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could come and make sandwiches, etc. for the workers for lunch each Saturday.  The Hispanic congregation has been working their hearts out each Saturday—it would be a great blessing if we could come alongside them and help!  If anyone could bring an ice chest full of ice to keep the bottled water (that was donated) cool—that would be great!    Also, if you care for something besides water such as Gatorade, you could bring that along as well.  After this roof work is done, there will be a need for help in cleaning up inside.  Men, Women, Youth, ---ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPREICATED!  Please contact Lamar Lewis (704)472-0727 for more info.  

  • South Mountain Baptist Camp needs church van!

    Friends of SMBC. We have a need that someone can help us with. We need a cargo van or passenger van or minivan with removable seats and I believe there is someone reading this that has one at their home or church right now that sits unused most of the time. Each week during the summer we have to make multiple runs to town to pick up the the next week's supplies(bread, produce, store, etc.). And at this time we don't have a reliable vehicle to perform these tasks. This vehicle doesn't have to look good. We're just looking for something that is safe and in good mechanical condition that can travel back and forth to Morganton and Hickory. And here's the kicker...we're asking you to donate it to the camp! Doing so won't put any dollars in your pocket but it will help you to lay up treasure in heaven as you invest in the salvation of souls through this ministry. And since we are a 501c3 non-profit, you can get a tax deduction for the value of your vehicle at the end of the year. If you have the camp's van, you can contact the director through Facebook messenger or through the main camp phone 828-437-8788. If we don't receive a donated van, I wonder if there is someone that would either loan us a vehicle for the purposes I described for June - August or perhaps could give us a great price on a vehicle that would meet our needs. Thanks for taking the time to read this and passing the word to friends and relatives that might could help as well. Albert Tinnin altinnin@bellsouth.net


    ---Pastor Mark McKinney would like to continue having community meals in Coalwood. The meals allow him to invite people to come together for a gospel presentation and fellowship. He averages 75-100 guests for each meal. The whole idea behind the meal is for the people of Coalwood to recognize Pastor Mark’s love for the community and look at him as a spiritual leader. You and your group can prepare the meal and deliver it to Coalwood or provide enough money to purchase the food and he will prepare and serve it (Approximately $175-$200). The three menus he has suggested are: • Spaghetti, Salad, Bread • Roast Beef, Green Beans, Corn, Biscuits • Breakfast for Dinner – Eggs, Meat, Grits, Gravy, Pancakes, Biscuits * In addition to the food, please provide drinks, dessert, paper products and cutlery for the meal. If you or your church would like to participate or need more information: Contact Jane Crouse to choose your month and menu and plan delivery (Cell) 704 473-1503 or (Email) janecrouse@gmail.com Subject COALWOOD MEALS

  • Volunteer:  Gift bags for inmates

    Awesome Mission Opportunity: Need a church or group to put together items (small gift bags (25) for inmates with September birthdays, cake, ice cream, etc.) for the August birthday party for the local prison. If a church or women’s group, or youth group will agree to purchase and assemble all the "stuff" --some trained volunteers will conduct the party (Training is required at a set time of year for prison entrance).  This is a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel.  It is too good to pass up!   Please contact Rob Kalmbacher if you can help (704)736-9945 or gracefarmrob@att.net

  • volunteer opportunity - True north pregnancy center

    Dear Churches and Team Leaders,        You may be familiar with the CareNet Pregnancy Center that has served in the Bennington, VT area for many years.  They have recently reorganized under the name True North Pregnancy Center directed by Heidi VanVoorhis, and each staff member will receive certified training before their opening date in late summer.  The new location in downtown Bennington is more visible and is, we believe, providentially located one block from Planned Parenthood.  The building has received some volunteer renovation, and additional improvements are needed.    

      Below is a list of items (some needed; some wished for) that this facility would like to have that will enhance their efforts to save the unborn from abortion.  If you are willing and able to supply any of these items, please  contact Nellene at this e-mail address (ncarter23@att.net) or her cell phone, 704-530-7438.     

    Please make your involvement a matter of prayer.  Vermont is still one of the least Christian states in America.  With sincere thanks, Steve and Nellene Carter/NC/VT


    On-Site Partnership Coordinators Wish List items: -Waiting room children’s toys & books -Diapers & wipes and baby supplies -Homemade baby blankets -Bibles -Wall artwork with scripture -Office & bathroom cleaning supplies -Steam mop

  • walk and roll

    There is a group in Catawba county that works with the mentally and physically challenged. They are known as the Walk and Roll and this is a nonprofit organization. They have been able to purchase a building for their events and activities but they have no chairs or tables. If there is a church or anyone who has chairs or preferably round tables that you would sell or donate to this organization it would be greatly appreciated. These items are needed as soon as possible. For more information please contact Kathy Roten at Meadow Ridge Church 828-320-3699. extention -0012.  Thanks!

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