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Appalachian regional ministry (ARM)

Attached and copied below is our latest ministry update. Thank you for all your prayers for Appalachian missions. Blessings, Kathie and Dewey Dewey and Kathie Aiken National Mission Service Corps Missionaries- NAMB Appalachian Regional Ministry

"March 1, 2017

Dear friends and family, Today is a bundle-up-in-a-jacket day here in NC but tomorrow may be an open-all- the- windows day. So goes the unpredictable weather of late winter. I am just glad our God knows what is best for all of us. We pray all of you are well today. It is hard to believe that February is gone. Oh my! We were blessed to have time last month to spend with Directors of Missions in twelve Appalachian associations in NC and SC. Each of these visits was a delight as we learned more about the needs of their churches. We also shared with them how their churches can go to other areas of Appalachia to minister. We took information about volunteer requests, Christmas backpacks, applications for food funds as well as encouragement bags for the director’s wives. We visited two new ministry centers which we really enjoyed. Also last month we spoke in a partnering church in Lake Wylie, SC as well as attended our regional rally for NC Baptist Men. Two Saturdays we led training for associational leaders of Appalachian Christmas Outreach. The ideas and stories that our leaders shared about the 2016 events were fantastic! The plans are already in place for this year’s Christmas backpack outreach. We are now receiving the backpack applications from Appalachian ministries and will begin the partnering process soon. Pray that NC’s goal of 10,000 and our national goal of 65,000 backpacks will be reached. So many lives have been changed forever through the caring and sharing of God’s people…. we are so grateful. Here in our Dunn’s Rock community we continue to nurture relationships and meet new neighbors. At our church, Todd Alewine shares the truth of God’s Word each Sunday in such an understandable way. Our people love it! We praise God for him and Sheila. We are praying for more willing workers to help us with the youth and children on Sunday afternoons. We need backup for when we must be away at other churches. Dewey helped lead a chili cook- off at the Dunn’s Rock Community Center Saturday night. There was good attendance at this event where neighbors spent a lot of time in conversation and enjoying a meal together. As president of the Community Center Board of Directors, he loves developing those relationships and encouraging others. This is his gift for sure! We are making plans for several weeks of mission trips this year as well as leading breakouts at two large conferences in March. It pays to begin early to pray and develop plans as God leads. The planning, scheduling, conference leading is how God gifted me. We are grateful that God uses both of us in different ways to get the job done. There will be more speaking in churches and associations as well as some travel to WV and possibly PA this month. We love the flexibility of spending time in different areas of Appalachia during different months. Each state is so special. Thank you for all your prayers for us and all that goes on throughout Appalachia. We cherish your faithful support. Know that we pray for you as well. We love you all, Kathie and Dewey"

Baptist men and ramp building

The Baptist Men have been involved in constructing more ramps this Spring. They could always use help with pre-constructing sections for assembly on the spot.

Reynosa, Mexico missions

Reynosa Mexico Trip Update from Team Leader Rev. Robert "Bob" Wise, North Brook Baptist

     What a wonderful trip! Three hundred seventy people had health scans and eye exames with everyone but one getting glasses --she will have them by weeks end. All of these heard the gospel in a creation to Christ presentation with 103 praying to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior - this wasn't just a check a box or raise your hand - it was a stand and pray out loud with future follow up by the pastor and leaders of the churches. We were able to lay the block on all 4 walls -then pour an 8 inch cap - then lay 2 more courses of block on three of the walls -- thanks to the generous offerings of some. We left behind enough money to also pour the roof. However, because of the fear of the cartel using the building, they will be purchasing doors and windows first. So pray where the remaining $500 would come from finish to finish.

      Highlights for me were seeing folks from eight different congregations work together to accomplish what we could not do alone! Everyone worked hard! Another beautiful thing was --on Sunday morning we all sang Victory in Jesus at Paco's main church -- as we were singing, I could see that many Hispanics new the words. So -- I told the translator to tell them that we were going to sing it again in English and Spanish at the same time! Rev 7:9 tells us that one day people from every tribe, tongue, and nation will stand before the throne and sing praises to King Jesus! This morning gave a wonderful feeling of what that day will be like! We had a service in Doretao on Saturday night -there were several people who made recommitments of faith that night.

Red Springs, NC (Dec 2-4)

A mission team traveled to Red Springs, NC. While there they did mission work, helped with the cleanup of damage left by Hurricane Matthew and had parties for the kids and gave out school backpacks. Thanks to everyone who provided backpacks this year!

Harlan, Kentucky (Dec 9-11)

Report by Jeanette Henley, Assistant Baptist Women Ministry Involvement/Churchwide Missions

"A mission team went to Harlan, KY to provide warm clothing and Christ's love to those at a Christ's Hands Homeless Shelter. They also provided a Christmas party and gifts at the Hope House (a home for women who are recovering addicts). They were also able to provide coats and backpacks to needy children. They were blessed with hearts overflowing for what God allowed them to be a part of. Thanks to all the churches who supported this trip financially, in prayer, with backpacks, coats and items for the women at Hope House. Because of your generous outpouring of support this year, we were able to provide Christmas to many this year. Thank you. "

Graffiti 1 and GRAFFITI 2 in New York and Baltimore, MD

Each Year a mission team from the South Fork Baptist Association travels to New York City to answer to God's calling. The SFBA partners with two churches in New York: Grafitti Community Ministries on the lower east side of Manhattan and Graffiti2 in the Bronx, and also provides shoeboxes for Baltimore. On this mission trip they get to spend time with many of the locals, learning the way they live and how to help care for those in need. They also spend time with the children that attend these churches. The gospel is presented to everyone approached and the love of Christ is truly shown amongst the public. The mission team spends their time passing out winter attire for the homeless, witnessing in the park and passing out shoeboxes filled with gifts for children. Each shoebox is filled with a variety of items, from toothbrushes to yoyos. While the shoeboxes are being handed out, the children are presented the "True Meaning of Christmas." It is an experience and there are no words to express what it means to these precious faces. While passing out Winter Attire to the homeless, they are given hot coffee, a Bible, and a coat with gloves, scarves, and hats. Blankets are also available for them. They are very thankful and appreciative. Without these items being donated and even some that are homemade, the mission team would not be able to do this ministry or have an opportunity to witness to the people in these communities. It is an experience that really can't be described. The Mission team is always blessed. The Team wants to thank everyone in the association for helping to show the Love of Christ to New York and Baltimore.

Baptist Women

PRAISE REPORT! See picture to the right. (Click on it)

Baptist Mens activities

This is not a comprehensive list of all the activies that Baptist men have been involved in. These are the events that have had someone record by photo or video, which was then sent into our Mission Center

  • Baptist Men Ramp Building

    Here are pictures from the West Virginia Disaster (Flood) relief. 8/2/2016 9:31 AM

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