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Reynosa, Mexico Missions

Reynosa, Mexico - for more information about the ongoing support of churches in Reynosa, MX by SFBA Member churches, please see our Volunteers page.

Baptists on Mission

north carolina Baptist mission


Baptists on Mission/ NCBM has received some exciting news recently.  An anonymous foundation has awarded us a matching grant for up to $225,000 so that we can purchase a new Medical/ Dental Truck to replace our current Mobile Medical Dental Bus that we put into operation in 2000.  This is an opportunity for associations, churches, and individuals to basically double their contribution because of the matching grant.  The total vehicle cost will be approximately $480,000.

  Last year alone our two Medical Dental Units saw over 3500 patients, were used in 128 different locations, and saw 26 professions of faith plus 18 other decisions.  If you know of churches or individuals who would like to donate they can indicate the Medical Dental bus on a check or can call 919-459-5613 to donate.  In the event we receive an extraordinary financial outpouring, our next step will be to secure a second Mobile Health Screening bus.  Our current Mobile Health Screening bus is often requested by more than one location for the same day. Thank you for your dedication, diligent work, and service to the Lord through your local association.  God is using you in a tremendous way and we want to assist you in any way you need.  Please let us know how we may help you.

The Region Mission Rallies are August 14, 15, and 17.  We hope you will encourage your churches to participate and that we will see you there!  One of the things God is teaching me recently is to have a broader kingdom vision of how He can use my/ our gifts.  We would like to assist you and your churches to involve their members in using their gifts and passions for kingdom purposes.  Truck drivers ( not just CDL licensed) can serve on the Medical Dental Trucks and the Mobile Health Screening bus.  Teachers, medical personnel, handymen and handywomen, people who love sports, and just about anyone else can learn more about how to use their gifts to make an eternal impact at these regional rallies.

-- In His service,

Paul Langston

Mission Mobilization Consultant North Carolina Baptist Men/ Baptists on Mission

919-459-5611(office), 800-395-5102 ext. 5611 (toll free), or 919-604-4778 (mobile)

Email: plangston@ncbaptist.org website: baptistsonmission.org

Thank you for your generous support of the North Carolina Missions Offering which supports the ministries of North Carolina Baptist Men/ Baptists on Mission.


The last Evangelism and Eyeglass clinic was successful (usually around June). Stay tuned for the next trip announcement. 

Click on this link to see newest video (2015): In our Media section (click here)



207 South Poplar St.

PO Box 423

Lincolnton, NC 28093-0423

Phone: 704/732-0383

Phone: 704/732-2691

Fax: 704/735-6597


Emergency services, Food pantry, clothing, shelter.

Have you ever wondered about the homeless? What do they do during the day while the homeless shelter is closed? What if they are not living in the shelter, but live out in the open? Most of them spend the day at the Ministry. They can spend the day in our day room. They can have their clothes washed. They can take a shower and get clean clothes from our clothes closet. At lunchtime they can go to the Soup Kitchen and eat as much as they want. If they need food, we give them a bag that is small enough to carry and full of easy to open items. Some of the homeless have needs that we would not even think about. Like the use of a phone and then a phone number that doctors, Social Services, etc. can call them back at. The small things that we do every day are a hardship for them. Sometimes all they want is to be able to talk with someone about what they are going through. Here at the Ministry, we try to build relationships with people that need us and help them when we can. Please pray for us and our clients as we try to do God’s work. "What is Christian Ministries" an article in LincolnHerald.net   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christian-Ministry-of-Lincoln-County/146997275345284

Appalachian regional ministry

namb Appalachian coalfields ministry

nc Baptist men

Good morning friends and family, We pray each of you is well this morning. Attached and copied below is our most recent ministry update. Thank you again for all your prayers and support.

Have a great day,

Dewey and Kathie Aiken

National Mission Service Corps Missionaries Appalachian Regional Ministry -NAMB Appalachian Coalfields Ministry-NC Baptist Men

19 Connestee Rd Brevard, NC 28712

(828) 553-7694 (828) 553-8785

Email: dewey_kate@hotmail.com


Appalachian Regional Ministry www.arministry.org

Baptists on Mission www.baptistsonmission.org  

North Carolina Baptist Men NC Baptist Men

  June 26, 2017

Dear friends and family,

We pray these beginning days of summer are being blessed days for all of you. The outdoor activities are buzzing here in the lush mountains as the world discovers the beauty of these hills. We have enjoyed having grandchildren to visit and love sharing the pleasures of mountain streams and hiking trails. The first week of this month, Dewey led a construction mission team to Harrogate, TN to place new vinyl siding on a ministry center. It was a very productive, smooth week working with a seasoned team of missions hearted men. At the end of the week we both joined ministry leaders there for a cookout with more of their long- time friends. It was good to gather around a piano, sing old gospel songs and do a lot of laughing. The next day we joined Roger and Judy and around 70 volunteers as they distributed food at one of their local churches. Our role was to pray and welcome the 400 plus community families that came to shop for food. It is amazing how shaking a person’s hand, smiling and recognizing that dear one by name can lift a person’s eyes as well as his or her spirits. It seems to us that most people in this world desire to know that someone sees them as a real person not a number or a project. It doesn’t matter where they come from or what the problems are…they just want to know someone cares. We believe that is the way Jesus introduced Himself to others when He was on earth. That is the way we can introduce Him now. This past week was another smooth week of ministry as we led the VBS at our Dunn’s Rock Baptist Church. We had 44 children and workers enrolled for the week. God blessed with no rain, no injuries, and no discipline problems.  Our dedicated workers from five different churches led so well. Each day through Bible study, music, games, crafts, and snacks we all purposely taught our children how the God of the universe wants to have a relationship with each of us. Adults who could not physically be there prayed and furnished refreshments… each one did his or her part. At the end of the week, four children made the decision to accept the gift of salvation God intended for them.  One child prayed that she was so glad Jesus is alive and gave her life too. Our granddaughter Claire told me- “Gramma Kate, I don’t want to wait to make this decision, I need to do it right now. “ It was a joy to be at her side as she made the commitment to Christ she had thought about making for a while. Then as Pastor Todd presented the gospel to the families on Friday night, the children answered his questions about salvation. They are preparing to go share this truth with their friends and families- just the way Jesus instructed us to do. This, our friends, is what it is all about. Next week we will present Appalachian missions to children, youth and adults at World Missions Week at NC Baptist Assembly.  We are looking forward to this opportunity to focus on Appalachian Christmas Outreach with these missionaries from across the state. Many churches are preparing to participate this year in ACO and we are so grateful. Later in the month, I will go to Baltimore on mission with Denver Baptist Church. Our daughter Jennifer and I will cook for the team made up of young families.  This is a great week of family missions that I look forward to again this year. Thank you for all your prayers for energy, strength and wisdom during these full days. Pray that we will keep our lives in balance, relying on the daily strength of Bible study and prayer. The opportunities to share Christ are almost daily and we praise God for each one.  We appreciate your support so much. We love you all, Kathie and Dewey

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